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                                                                            Price List


No blankets will be cremated; they will be donated. Please remove collars and any other metal.

One shirt/sweater is allowed, or a small toy without any metal.



Have your own urn? We can deliver you pet in a velvet bag for the same price as a scatter tube.


                            Bag/          Urn      

                            Tube       Upgrade

1 - 10 pounds        $65         $90                                   

11 - 25 pounds      $80         $110                                  

26 - 50 pounds      $100       $130               

51 - 75 pounds      $120       $150                                 

76 - 100 pounds    $150       $190                                     

101 - 150 pounds  $190       $230               

150+ pounds         $225       $275       

* Your pet will be placed in and separated by a stainless steel tray

* Cremated remains will be returned to you in one week.

* Comes with complimentary scatter tube, and a certificate of individual cremation



Walnut Photo Urn – up to 120 lbs

Cherry Photo Urn – up to 120 lbs

Red Oak Photo Urn – up to 120 lbs

Cedar Box w/ Lock – up to 225 lbs






                                                          ***** PREMIUM SERVICES *****


*Your pet will be cremated completely by itself with no other animals in the crematory chamber.

*Complimentary urn up-grade of your choice.

0 -- 50 pounds                   $300

51 pounds and over          $450     


VIEWING – Private cremations only by appointment.  $125

You and your guests (limit 6) may come to our facility to witness the cremation of your pet.

PRIORITY CREMATION: Call our office if time is a problem. We can deliver pets within 36 hours. Private cremation and prices may be necessary.


                                                                     **FARM ANIMALS**


Pigs: Due to high fat content, pigs must be cremated by themselves. Pigs MUST use a private cremation.


Goats & Sheep: These cannot be rendered. If over 100 pounds, 50 cents per pound and the owner delivers it to my premises by appointment. I cannot freeze them; if the crematory will not be used in the next 24 hours, there will be an extra $100 propane charge to dispose of the body. If under 100 pounds, then it may be placed in the veterinary freezer at no pick up charge. Same price, 50 cents/lbs ($10 min).  Most people bury these species. Call a friend and ask for a favor, if you do not have suitable property.


All other large animals can be rendered. 7480 Hanford Armona Road in Hanford.  582-0271.

We are available to pick up your pet from your home, if you so desire.  This charge would be in addition to the normal cremation prices.  Call to make an appointment.

Visalia, Tulare, Hanford,, Exeter, Dinuba & Kingsburg -- $75

Three Rivers, Lindsay, Porterville, Lemoore, Delano, Selma, Sanger & Reedley -- $100

Fresno, Bakersfield, Shafter & Wasco -- $ 150

Lake Isabella, Taft & Tehachapi -- $200

Is time a problem? We offer priority cremations in 72 hours or less.

We will do what it takes to meet your needs. Your pet could be returned in as little as 36 hours.  Give us a call.

Veterinarians who use our services:

Visalia :  Valley Oak SPCA Clinic

Redwood Veterinary Hospital

Lone Oak Large Animal Vet

Fresno:  Shield Stone Pet Hospital

Dog & Cat Veterinary Clinic

Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic

Maroa Track Pet Hospital

Tulare:  Tulare Veterinary Hospital

Tulare Animal Services

Lemoore:  Karing for Kreatures

Valley Veterinary Services

Lindsay:  Lindsay Veterinary Hospital

Porterville: All Creatures Pet Care Center

Henderson Veterinary Hospital

Woodlake:  Woodlake Veterinary Housecall